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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Buying a home today is so much different than it was when my parents bought their homes, or even when I bought my first home in the 1980's! The 1980's weren't that long ago, yet it seems like an eternity because so much has changed! And on the internet, you will find so much information that it can sometimes be hard to know what is true and what is false, or even why you have to do things a certain way, or what you should watch out for! Even if you have bought a home before, you may find that the process has really changed a lot.

So to help guide you through the home buying process, I have compiled some resources that should help you maneuver through the home buying process and answer many questions you may have!

Don't Be A Victim of Real Estate Wire Fraud

Is A Rehab Mortgage Right for Me?

The Advantages of Buying vs Renting

Tell Me About Your Next Home

5 Dos and Don'ts on Property Tours

Neighborhood Considerations

How Much Should I Pay? Pricing Considerations

Property Disclosures

Buyers Remorse - Negotiating Mistakes That Buyers Most Often Regret

5 Steps To Obtaining a Mortgage

The True Cost of Homeownership

What You Should Know About Property Portals

Helpful Advice - From One Buyer To Another

Common Myths & Misunderstandings About Shopping For Homes

Multiple Offers: Questions To Consider In A Seller's Market

Formulating An Offer

Do It Yourself Home Energy Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist

Moving Checklist

Final Walk Through Checklist

7 Reasons to Hire An ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative)

Buying A Home - What Your Buyer Agent Does For You

Why A Buyer's Rep Provides A Better New Home Buying Experience

My Pledge of Performance

What Buyers Should Know About Compensation, Loyalty & Shared Expectations

Fair Housing and Your Buyer's Rep

Choosing A Buyer's Rep: Questions to Ask

Customer or Client: What's The Difference?

Helping You Find Your Way Home (with Downloadable Brochure)

The Buyer Agency Agreement in Virginia

The Home Inspection Virtual Tour by ASHI

Find an ASHI Home Inspector

Why You Need Title Insurance (Bon Air Title)

Why You Need An Attorney To Do Your Closing (CowanGates)

Find Out If The Condo You Are Considering Is FHA Approved

VHDA (Financing For First Time Homebuyers)

Home Architectural Styles

I hope you find these resources helpful as you decide if now is a good time to buy a home, and, if so, what the process is! As always, feel free to contact me! Barbara Reagan - call me at 804-869-1191 or email me at

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