Listing Your Home? Questions To Ask!

October 30, 2017

If you are thinking about selling your home in Richmond Virginia soon, you will probably want to begin interviewing Realtors to see who is the best one to handle your sale!  In the Richmond area there are a lot of us here, and all of us work a little differently from each other!  Different Realtors have different marketing methods, the way we keep you informed about your listing may vary from one Realtor to another, and even what we did to come up with the value for your home may be different from one Realtor to another!


So when you are thinking of interviewing a Realtor, or several Realtors, how do you really know what are the best questions to ask?  The process may seem overwhelming, and, if you have never sold a house before, or it has been many years since you last sold a house, you may not know just where to begin with your interview.


So here are some of the best questions I think every seller should consider asking the Realtor they are interviewing!





Tell Me About My Area!


Here you are trying to find out just how knowledgeable they are about your neighborhood and the area you live in!  You may want to ask about the prices of homes that have sold, what the overall market is like, are the values in the neighborhood going up or down, where may potential buyers for your house come from!  You may want to know just how quickly homes in your area go under contract and even what some of the negative drawbacks are to your neighborhood and area (after all, buyers will also be looking at those as well).  Knowing the area and the positives AND negatives about your area, as well as the potential buyers that will be looking at  your home should be things your Realtor will be using to properly position your home for sale!


Tell Me About Your Credentials & Experience In My Neighborhood!


You will want to get a good feel for how qualified the Realtor you hire is!  What credentials and designations does that Realtor have?  Are they full time or part time Realtors?  Do they work solo or are they part of a team?  How many homes have they sold in the past year?  Are they familiar with your neighborhood?  


Tell Me About How You Plan To Expose My Home & How You Will Follow Up With Me!


This goes to the heart of how the Realtor you hire will actually market your home to get a buyer!  You want to know what offline and online methods they will use, how your home will be presented in MLS to the other agents and buying public, you will want to know how they plan to follow up on leads and how they plan to keep you informed on your home's progress!  Do they plan to do an open house?  Do they have a plan to follow up with agents who have shown the house?  What are the positives AND negatives of your house, and how do they plan to overcome the negatives of your home!  


Tell Me How You Came Up With My Home's Value!


There are a lot of different ways a Realtor can come up with your home's value!  Did they simply look at the Zestimate and decide that it was the right valuation?  Or did they do an in-depth analysis of the homes in your neighborhood that sold as well as your competition and even the homes that did not sell to come to a complete understanding of the real estate market in your area!  Making sure that your home is priced right to begin with is the first step in making sure that your home is positioned to sell quickly, even in today's market of low inventory!  You want to make sure that the Realtor you hire is not the one that necessarily gives you the highest value, but has done the best preparation to give you an accurate value!


Tell Me What I Can Do To Enhance My Home's Value!


As your Realtor walks through the house with you, there may be things that you can do to help you enhance your home's value!  Your Realtor should be able to assist you with that!  


Hopefully, this guideline should help you find the right Realtor to help you with your home's sale!  


Thinking of selling your home?  Have questions?  I would be happy to help!  Have a great day!



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