Successfully Sell Your First Richmond VA Home!

March 12, 2018


It probably wasn't that long ago that you bought your first home in Richmond, Virginia!  You may have even said that this was going to be your forever home!  You were happy and excited about your new home - after all, this was yours, not some landlords!


But now it is time to move on to a new home - perhaps your family has changed, your life has changed, or perhaps you are relocating!  It may also be that you have been here a long time, and now it is time to downsize!


But, whatever the reason is, now may be the time to sell your first home!  And, now you need to know how to do it!  After all, buying your first home may have felt overwhelming - now selling your first home may also feel overwhelming - especially if you may also be purchasing another home!


This post will give you a brief overview of some of the steps you should probably be taking now to sell your first home!



The Zestimate on Zillow is probably not the best way to determine what your home's value is!  After all, they haven't seen your home, and they haven't see your competition, or what has sold, or even what has expired!  And they have a high error rate!  Have your Realtor price your home for you!  In this market, you may need to sell your home quickly so that you don't lose the home you want to buy (many sellers are not willing to take contingent offers)!



Go through your home as if you were a buyer!  Look carefully at the house!  Maybe even consider doing a home inspection before listing your home!  Why not get a stager in to help you stage your home!  Anything you can do to make your home stand head and shoulders above your competition will help you when the time comes to sell your home!  Visit your competition - see how those homes look!  Then make your home look ten times better than theirs!



Most buyers are looking for homes online!  You may be doing the same thing for the next house you will be purchasing!  If you have looked at enough pictures of homes, then you know what your feelings are when you see homes with unprofessional, crooked, blurry, dark, etc. pictures!  It certainly doesn't make you want to run out and see that home!  Well, you need to make sure the pictures of your home online and in MLS make your home look ten times better than your competition!  Professional pictures, video, virtual tours - no home on the market today should be without those!



Don't use your cousin who dabbles in real estate part time!  A full time Realtor, especially an experienced Realtor who is familiar with your area, will be able to guide you through the process!  Remember what it was like buying your first home and how much assistance your Realtor was able to provide?  You want the same thing from your Realtor again!



Most buyers today don't go to the newspaper to find their home - they are looking on online places like Zillow and Trulia and! They are using their smartphones to pull up the virtual tours & videos of your home!  They expect to see lots of pictures, a video, a tour, a drone shot of your home - or all of those things!  So don't forget to have your home put all over the internet, and that a buyer can pull up the information on your home on their phones while sitting in front of your home!



When you get an offer on your home, don't sit on it hoping that another, better offer will come along!  Even if the offer you get is a low one, respond promptly!  Sometimes, buyers are just trying to see how much of a deal they can get!  A bird in hand is better than none, and there is no guarantee that, even if you get an offer and don't respond to it promptly, that the buyer will just hang around waiting for you to respond!  That buyer may find another home and withdraw their offer - or they may just get tired of waiting for your response!  And then it may be some time before another one comes your way!



If you are selling your home, and trying to buy another home, you will need to make sure that you have a game plan!  If your home sells quickly, where will you move to?  Are you willing to make 2 moves?  Will you go into a rental until you find another home?  Do you have a new home identified?  Your Realtor will help you answer these, and many more questions you will probably have!



I know it is going to be hard - after all, you can probably walk from room to room and have many memories pop into your head!  But always remember that you will be moving to a new home, where you will be able to create new memories with your family!  Emotionally detaching from your current home will allow that transition to be just a bit easier!


If you are thinking for selling your first home, or you just want to know what is happening in the real estate market in Richmond, feel free to contact me!  I am happy to help!


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