What Does A Buyer Agent Do For You?

August 2, 2018


If you have been thinking about buying a house here in Richmond, Virginia, you may not have been thinking about who you will use as your Buyer Agent to help you with that purchase!  You may be thinking that all you need to do is find the house on the internet, call the listing agent and write up an offer on the house if you end up liking it!


But that may not be the best way to go about buying your home!  A good Buyer Agent will do a lot of things for you that you may not have even thought of!  But finding and purchasing a home involves more steps than most buyers like!  And this is where a good Buyer Agent will be an incredibly helpful resource!


So, here are the things (in no particular order) that a good Buyer Agent will help you with:



  • They work for you - YOUR interests are their primary focus - a seller's agent cannot make YOUR interests their primary focus!


  • Will you get a better deal if you don't have your own Buyer's Agent?  NO!  In reality, it is rare that the listing agent will cut the commission that they have negotiated between them and the seller!  That is already negotiated when the house comes on the market!


  • Zillow & Trulia may be great websites - but their automated valuations could be way off!  A good Buyer's Agent will make sure that the value you pay for a home is a good value based on what the market really is like, not what a computer algorithm says it is!


  • You will probably have to get financed - with so many options out there and so many lenders, do you know what is the best loan for you?  And which lender is the best lender to use for your particular type of loan?  A good Buyer's Agent knows the financing options AND what lenders are best for your loan!  And they will monitor your loan progress to try to resolve any issues that could affect your closing!


  • The market is hot right now - and the house you want may be one of those homes where everyone wants it!  A good Buyer's Agent will help you structure a winning offer on the house that you want to buy!  Sometimes, it isn't necessarily price - it could be other terms of the offer!


  • And even if the market cools down, and you are the only person making an offer on the house, you want to make sure that your contract has the protections for you!  A good Buyer's Agent will make sure you understand all the contingencies in the contract, that anything that is important to you is in the contract, that the personal property you want to convey with the property is in the offer!  


  • It's easy to look online to find the houses that are available for sale - but how often is the website updated?  I have seen homes on Zillow that still show as being available - but actually were sold and closed as much as a year ago!  A good Buyers Agent is going to identify what you are looking for in a home - and then make sure you are notified immediately if anything comes on that works for you!


  • Once you find the house to buy, and it is under contract, you will want to do an inspection!  But knowing who are good inspectors and who isn't, knowing the specialized inspectors such as chimney, HVAC, well and septic, radon, termite - these are all the things (and more) that a good Buyer's Agent will help you with!


  • What about disclosures?  Virginia is a buyer beware state - which means that it is up to you, the Buyer, to do any and all due diligence during the inspection period!  You want to make sure that you good with the house that you are buying!  But do you know the Virginia Disclosure Law?  A good Buyer's Agent will make sure that you understand the disclosures in the state of Virginia!


  • The final step in closing on your home - is the closing on your home!  But things can happen to cause delays in the closing!  A good Buyer's Agent will stay on top of the transaction to make sure that things go smoothly - and is there to handle any potential problems that may come up!  And they will be there at the end, when you are sitting at the lawyer's table, to ensure that your interests are protected!


  • You will probably have lots of questions as you move through the home buying process - a good Buyers Agent will be there to answer all those questions for you so that you are completely comfortable from beginning to end!  The internet is great, but sometimes you can end up having information overload - and there is no guarantee that the information you have found online is accurate or complies with Virginia law and customs!

Thinking about buying a home?  Have questions?  I am here to help.  Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help!





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