Happy 2019! Your January Home Maintenance Check List!

January 7, 2019



The holidays are over and everyone I know is looking forward to a great 2019!  And January is the perfect time for new beginnings and new habits!  It may be dark & cold out there, but your home maintenance doesn't take a rest!  And trying to keep up with your home's maintenance shouldn't be an onerous task, if you do a few things each month!  So, to start 2019 off on the right foot, here is my January Home Maintenance Checklist to help you get started!  


Organize Your Seasonal Storage Space!

I don't know about you, but when I was taking down my Christmas decorations this weekend, my first inclination was to just put it into the closet and deal with organizing it later!  But I know myself, and I know that once it was put into the closet, I probably wouldn't look at it again until Thanksgiving, when I would bring it all out again and put it up!  So, this year, I didn't just stuff my holiday decorations back into the closet - I actually took inventory, sorted it, filtered it, actually donated to Goodwill, trashed some things, and even re-homed some items!  It actually felt good!


Deep Clean The Kitchen!

I may not do a lot of cooking in my kitchen, but every year it feels good to actually go in and give the kitchen a good deep clean!  I go through my pantry and purge items I don't need, taking anything that I can to the food bank.  I will empty my refrigerator and clean it out!  I even move the refrigerator & stove away from the wall, do a deep clean on the baseboards & walls, and vacuum throughout!  I now can go into the new year knowing that the kitchen will smell fresh & clean and nothing is building up behind my appliances!




Plan Summertime Projects Now!

There is always something to do in the back yard - whether it is adding to my landscaping, having the deck & house power washed, adding a patio, etc!  Can't do the warm weather projects now - but I can plan for them so that when the warm weather comes I am ready!  In past years, I have used this time to get contractor's bids and sign the contracts with those people who will be doing those projects for me!  And if it is something I am doing, I go to the store & stock up on the materials I need so that I am ready to begin my projects!


Change or Clean All Home Filters!

It is amazing to me how many filters there are in the house!  Not just the filters on my HVAC system, but also in my refrigerator, the dryer and even the air filter in my house!  Now is the time to not only change them so you start out the year with all clean filters, but this year I created a master schedule and then put them onto my calendar in my phone so that I can be reminded throughout the year when it is time to change those filters!


Hit The White Sales!

I don't know about you, but I have found that January is a great time to replace all the linens that I need.  Over the years, towels get threadbare - I cut these up into rags and re-use them for cleaning throughout the year!  Bed linens get worn and need replacing!  With stores running great white sales in January, now is the perfect time to stock up where you need to!


Purge Old, Outdated & Unloved Items Throughout Your Home!

This includes not only clothes that are in my closet, but things like old furniture, old lamps, even old books!  There are lots of ways to get them out of your house - donate to a charitable organization (old linens make great bedding at animal rescue places), recycle, sell!  You may need to ultimately trash something, but make that a last resort (keep in mind the landfills getting full with stuff that could be used by someone else!).


Tackle Once A Year Projects!

I use January as a great time to just go through my house and make a list of all those things that I have put off - then in one or two days I take care of them!  Some of the things I have done this year:  sharpen my kitchen knives, replace my batteries in the smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors, seal granite countertops, condition my leather furniture, inspect the fire extinguishers, put fresh batteries into each of the flashlights I have in every room in case of a power outage, replenished my first aid kit & updated my home inventory list!  


Tend To Small Fixes!

Going along with the once a year projects I am tackling, I also take a walk through my house - making a list of all the small fixes that need to be done!  This year I had to caulk around my tubs & sinks, replace some broken outlet covers & switch covers, lubricated some of the locks in my house!  Taking care of these small things throughout the house now will prevent them from becoming much bigger problems down the line!


Protect The Pipes!

Winter is cold and pipes can freeze!  Now is the time to invest in inexpensive insulation sleeves that you can get at the store for exposed pipes!  I also make sure I know where the main water shut off valve is located at - just in case!



Wow - after all this work, I think I deserve to relax - and you do too!  Have a seat on the couch & put your feet up - you have done what you have needed to help maintain your home!  Look for February's list next month!


About the Author:  The above real estate information on Your January Home Maintenance Checklist was provided by Barbara Reagan with Long & Foster Realtors!  Barbara can be reached via email at BReagan2@gmail.com or by phone at 804-869-1191.  Barbara has helped people move in and out of the Richmond Virginia area for the last 20+ years.


Thinking of selling your home?  Thinking of buying a home?  Relocating to Richmond Virginia?  I have a passion for real estate and would love to share my knowledge & expertise with you!  I service the entire Richmond Virginia area including:  the City of Richmond, Henrico County, Hanover County, Chesterfield County.






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