Preparing Your Home For The Buyer's Home Inspections

January 21, 2019

Congratulations!  You listed your home for sale, and you have accepted an offer on the house!  It is now under contract!  But the first thing that a buyer is going to do is their home inspections!  In the Richmond Virginia area, I normally recommend a 14 day inspection period so buyers can have plenty of time to get inspections done and if they can't get agreement on inspection issues, then they need to get out of the current contract and move on to something else!


As a seller, you may have chosen to do a pre-listing inspection and you may have repaired all the items noted.  But there are a lot of sellers that choose not to do a pre-listing inspection.  And if you are one of those sellers, the 14 day time period that the buyer has to do inspections can sometimes feel like an eternity waiting on what the buyer will ask for!


What is the purpose of the home inspection?  A buyer will want the inspector to let them know everything that is wrong with the house.  Once the buyer has their home inspection reports, they can then choose what items, if any, they want to ask the seller to fix.  These could be very large repair items (for example, HVAC needs repairing, roof needs repairs, etc), or it can be very minor items (such as a door not latching or a window not opening).  Some buyers are fine with a report showing a lot of little things on it - but some buyers may get scared off by a report with lots of things on it!


So, below is my checklist of things you can do to help make the home inspection go smoothly, so that, hopefully, the buyer will end up asking for no repairs, or will only ask for the more major repairs!




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