February Home Maintenance Checklist

February 15, 2019


February is here in Richmond Virginia - and it is still winter!  We get some beautiful spring like days of 70 and then it is quickly followed by very cold days of ice and snow and freezing rain!  It makes it hard to get out sometimes and enjoy the weather!  So, if you are like me, you end up spending more time indoors than you want!  That, of course, leads to cabin fever!  But, having lived in Virginia a long enough time now, I know that spring is just around the corner!  So I try to put my indoor time to good use by doing some of the things around the house that need doing!  After all, I don't want to do all these things inside the house once the weather gets nice!


So, to help you get over the cabin fever you may be experiencing, and to help you keep your home in good shape, here is my February Home Maintenance Checklist!  


Spiff up the paint in the house!  You can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of scuff marks or you may want to even paint an accent wall or two!


Clean out the dryer vents!  Years ago someone suggested using a leaf blower to remove lint & debris from the ducts!  I tried it and it worked!  A build up of lint can cause a fire, so a good time to get rid of the lint!


Clean the refrigerator coils!  I don't normally like to move my refrigerator, but this is a good time to get out the vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dirt and dust that are lodged in the coils.  At the same time, why not vacuum the floors and baseboards behind the refrigerator!  After using the vacuum, use a refrigerator coil brush you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot to finish the job!


Clean the sump pump!  If you have a basement in Richmond, you may also have a sump pump!  With the rain we got last year, the last thing you want is for your sump pump not to work properly!  So add some water to the pit and confirm that the pump ejects it .  If it doesn't work, you may need to call in a repair person!


Vacuum the mattresses top and bottom!  Giving the mattresses a good airing and cleaning will help you sleep better at night!


Replace the HVAC filters!  This probably should be done each month, especially if you have pets!  It will definitely help prolong the life of your unit!


Clean the range hood filter & fan!  I am not what I would consider to be the neatest of cooks in my household, and a lot of times there will be grease on the range hood or built in microwave!  Doing this will help eliminate food odors in the house!


Pack up a bag of old sheets & towels to donate!  In January I generally will try to hit the white sales to get some new towels & sheets!  But the old sheets aren't in bad shape - just old!  So I like to pack them up and donate them - Goodwill, a women's shelter or even a pet rescue organization can always use them!  I get a tax donation, they get something useable - and I get a good feeling!


Deep clean your refrigerator & garbage disposal!  Empty the refrigerator and wipe down with disinfectant!  Use white vinegar & baking soda on the disposal!


Deep clean the floors, blinds, light fixtures & ceiling fans!  Dust gets into these things and it always amazes me how much actually goes out into the air whenever I am cleaning.  A duster or damp cloth will get that all up in no time!


Mop the entry floors!  Even with throw rugs down on the foyer floors, I am still tracking in a lot of dirt and moisture (as in snow & rain).  It is nice to have a clean floor to look at when I come into the house!


Clean out the spice cabinet!  Now is a great time to throw out all those spices that are expired and to reorganize the spice cabinet!  


Recycle the e-waste!  Do you have old phones, batteries, computers, printer cartridges laying around?  Make sure you get rid of all the personal information on these, then donate them or take them to a recycling center!  There is even the Shred-It truck that will come around and shred those things for you!


Check your indoor plants!  Even indoor plants get a little droopy and get cabin fever in the winter!  Check for signs of scales, mealybugs and spider mites and take corrective actions to perk the plants back up again!


Book your summer rentals!  This is a fun activity - trying to find the perfect place to go for the perfect summer vacation!  And now is the perfect time to book your rentals so that you can get the best deal on the perfect spot!


I hope that this helps!  None of it takes much time, but, if you are like me, your cabin fever will have come down a few degrees!  Enjoy the rest of February!  Be on the lookout for next month's Task List!


Thinking of buying a home?  Thinking of selling a home?  Have a real estate question?  Feel free to call or email me - I would be happy to help!

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